What is a group purchasing organization (GPO)?

A GPO is a cost management service designed to help healthcare organizations reduce operating costs. Members receive access to contract pricing negotiated by the GPO that would otherwise not be available.

Manufacturer and vendor contracts are specifically selected by GroupSource to ensure our contract portfolio targets the most important areas of spend for your healthcare organization.

Why should I choose GroupSource as my GPO partner?

  1. Savings!
  2. Responsive sales team + operations team managing your account on an ongoing basis.
  3. Someone to watch to over spend, so you do not have to. GroupSource allows you to get back to what you do best, treating patients!

What vendor contracts are available through GroupSource?

  1. Medical Supplies
  2. Office Supplies
  3. Credit Card Processing
  4. Lab Testing
  5. Plus employee benefits

How much will GroupSource save my practice?

GroupSource will complete a cost analysis for your practice to determine the exact savings available in the vendor categories of your choice.

Are there minimum purchasing requirements?

No, there are no minimum purchasing requirements for GroupSource members. GroupSource can be your GPO partner (and provide your practice with savings) regardless of your purchasing volume or frequency.

How does being a GroupSource member change my current ordering process?

GroupSource works directly with the distributor of your choice to ensure your account is properly linked to GroupSource pricing. There will be no change in your current ordering process.