How a secondary GPO can add up to bigger savings for organizations

The last year has been a challenging one for long term care organizations. Global supply chains are backed up, prices are volatile and uncertainty dampens future planning. Those that have managed to weather the storm thus far are taking every step possible to reduce costs while still providing quality services.

A GPO is a cost management service designed to help organizations reduce operating costs by leveraging their members’ combined buying power to get big discounts. Members receive access to contract pricing negotiated by the GPO that would otherwise not be available. 

What is less recognized however are the many benefits to adding a second GPO. Partnering with an additional GPO gives you access to more products. Common practice among hospitals for years is now being seen as a significant value driver for long term care operators. Often, though, they miss the opportunity to get better pricing on many of their other costs by not partnering with an additional GPO for products such as janitorial supplies, uniforms, office supplies, credit card processing, shipping and freight, and more. 

With multiple GPO memberships organizations have more options for current products, as well as the opportunity to compare prices between GPOs to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible. And with access to contract pricing through your membership, you won’t feel the same cost volatility as the rest of the market. Businesses partnered with a GPO don’t run into as many supply chain disruptions, and that effect is even greater when adding a second GPO.

GroupSource is an industry-leading GPO providing superior service. As a sponsor organization of Premier, a leading supply chain management group, we provide strategic procurement solutions and operational support to give you the best pricing available for all of your purchasing needs. With a contract portfolio built on over $61 billion in group purchasing volume, you get access to the buying power needed to thrive in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. Your membership with GroupSource does not require an obligation and is free to members. 

Get started with a comprehensive savings analysis to determine how much your organization could reduce costs in your selected vendor categories with GroupSource as a primary or secondary GPO. There are no minimum purchasing requirements for GroupSource members, benefits are available regardless of purchasing volume or frequency.